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At the end of this course, you will take an exam with a pass score of 60% to be issued a certificate of completion for this course. To request advance membership certification for Project Management , you will need to download certificate(s) as stated here and send attached certificate(s) to or Upload here  to receive membership certificates from the assigned professional  bodies



This course is a certified and accredited course. It will widen your knowledge of PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT AND PROJECT COST MANAGEMENT

Please note that, you can

combine a few other courses in Project Management, or complete any 5 programs to earn advanced certificates like Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Associate in Project Management etc:

What you get when completing more than one course

Complete 2 courses and receive a free Certificate in Project Management. Additional cost: $250

Complete 3 courses and receive a free Diploma in Project Management. Additional cost: $400

Complete 4 courses and receive a free PGD in Project Management. Additional cost: $600

Complete 5 courses and receive a free Associate in Chartered Institute of Project Management. Additional cost: $800

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