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To request advance membership certification for Facility Management, you will need to download certificate(s) as stated here and send attached certificate(s) to or Upload here to receive membership certificates from the assigned professional bodies


Graduate Diploma in Facility Management
Environmental Responsibilities – workplace responsibilities, sustainability, social responsibility, environmental management, going green, recycling, energy efficiency and educating workers.

People Management – managing staff, day-to-day problems, managing your employer, managing contractors, negotiation skills and key contacts.
This course is a certified and accredited course. It will widen your knowledge of Facility management. You will get a certificate of completion when you finish and pass this course. You can also get more certificates when you take additional courses:
What you get when completing more than one course

Complete 2 Complete 2 courses and receive a free Certificate in Project & Facility Management

Complete 3 courses and receive a free Diploma in Project & Facility Management

Complete 4 courses and receive a free CPMP,CCMP, CFMP Certifications.

Complete 5 courses and receive a free Associate Membership of Chartered Institute of Contract, Project & Facility Management.

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