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Dr. N.S Ravishankar

Corporate Banking ~ Investment Banking ~ Operations ~ Retail Banking ~ Project Management ~ Relationship Management ~ Controls ~ Budgetary control & costing ~ Futures and Derivatives, Financial services and working capital management, Strategic Risk Management and corporate finance, portfolio and risk management ~ Retail Banking ~ Operations and Compliance ~ Customer Service and Business development in all key areas ~ Product innovation and Market Research ~ Finance and Accounts with standard benchmark and statutory compliance ~ Digital and electronic Banking ~ Expertise in Banking and financial solutions ~ Corporate governance and sustainability ~ Corporate Social Responsibility ~ Business 2 business and Customer Relationship ~ Sales, Marketing and New Business Development ~ Strong business acumen and analytical skills ~ Strong influencing and negotiation skills ~ Customer centricity, analytical thinking ~ Pro-active team management and development ~ Strong leadership skill and team management ~ Customer and Investor Relationship Management ~ Corporate finance and treasury~ Debt Syndication and recovery~ risk analysis and mitigation~ Executive Team Leadership~ Client vendor Relations~ Process Improvement~ Change and Strategic Management~ Public Relations and Brand Management



  • Investment Banking/ Capital Marketing/ Securities derivatives in IT, ITES and financial services domain
  • Corporate and retail banking/ International Banking/ Trade finance/ Wealth Management with system design and implementation of various applications.
  • Expertise in formulating business continuity plans, identifying and adopting emerging trends to achieve organizational objectives and profitability norms.
  • Expertise to provide considerable administrative, commercial and strategic input to achieve business plans/ goals.
  • Expertise on ERP, Software design-implementation and maintenance.
  • Proven experience for improving effectiveness through leadership, financial acumen and strategic vision.
  • Financial planning, budgeting, funds management, management of project financing, financial re-engineering, business valuation/ Investment analysis.
  • Business research, corporate governance, finalization of accounts and MIS
  • Corporate and retail advances, Treasury management – Management of fund flow and cash flow and optimum utilization of funds.
  • Formulate, review and implement financial policies, procedures and measures, efficient management of Working capital resources, product costs and effective supply chain management.
  • Strong grounding in financial, Banking processes and systems, with exposure to global financial practices.
  • High performance of ethical, decisive, action oriented and eminent leader with high energy and an entrepreneurial skill to achieve superior results.
  • Retail Banking-process, operations, compliance (KYC, AML and regulatory), internal audit and ensure financial discipline and process.
  • Team development, training and customer service support, CRM and Customer behavioral research.
  • Electronic and digital Banking and banking and finance processes
  • Strategic business process, administration and sustainability
  • Project finance, analysis and preparation of various reports for project finance
  • Corporate Banking, Lending and regulations, SME, SSI and service segments.
  • Loan syndication, Merger and acquisition, Trade finance, Treasury and export credit
  • Utilize keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance.
  • High-performance, focused communicator and public speaker possessing advanced interpersonal and client relationship management skills.
  • Economic Data analysis and reviews – Monetary and fiscal policy analysis and research.
  • Corporate Finance – Cash Management, Incentive Compensation,
  • Private Equity and Corporate Governance.
  • Asset Pricing – Causes and Effects of Liquidity Risk, Disclosure and Insider Trading.
  • Valuation and Hedging of Corporate and Sovereign Debt and Credit Derivatives.
  • International Finance – Law, Innovation, Growth and Crises.
  • General Equilibrium – Agency, Contracts and Default. strong communication, leadership, planning, management and problem solving skills.

Career Summary


Professional Banker, financial expert, administrator and Management expert offering 33 years of versatile and all round experience in corporate and retail banking, Credit Management, Wealth Management, Portfolio and Risk Managements, Operations, R&D, Training, Administration, Management Consultancy, Quality Management and Inspection, Retail Banking, Compliance Operations and Auditing, Product development promotion and market research. Robust hand on experience in Banking and finance with update knowledge and skill.


  • Insightful experience in Business Development and Resources Development (Including Product Development and Marketing Financial Products)
  • Expert consultation on various projects of Govt. of India, international agencies like World Bank, IMF and other premier institutions
  • Finance and Accounts, process, implementation and audit.
  • Experienced in offering being well known behavioral expert, have organized program’s of stress management to senior and managerial personnel. Solid track record of developing and conducting excellent training & presentations for high value-based learning
  • Working closely with different functional heads to ensure the institution objectives are fulfilled.
  • Implement financial strategies to ensure corporate governance and internal control compliance.
  • Develop budgeting, reporting, MIS and forecasting models.
  • Conceptualization, implementation of accounting and financial systems for improving effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • MIS, reporting for effective and efficient decisions and policies of the management.
  • Building and maintaining excellent relationship with Banks, Financial Institutions, Foreign Financial Investors, QID Investors, Mutual Funds, Private Equity Funds .
  • Demonstrable leadership qualities and team motivational and mentoring skills
  • Guest Faculty for leading business school in India and abroad and presented scores of seminars papers presented at national and international seminars on finance, Banking and administration.
  • Financial modeling, preparing financial projections, CMA projections/ Credit proposals, information memorandum, funding proposal and action plan.
  • Several research studies of national and international importance on Finance, Banking and administration
  • Successfully implemented software development models for Banking, Finance and HR







Select Accomplishments



  • Received ‘Best Banker’, ‘Outstanding Financial Expert’, ‘Able Administrator’, ‘Best Leadership Award’ and ‘Banker of the Year Award’.
  • VOMI GLOBAL OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR AND VOMI GLOBAL THINK TANK–The objective of VOMI Global Think Tank and Ambassador to advocate on behalf of the stakeholders from around the globe as well as spearhead the formulation of policies for the rapid introduction and explosion of virtual organizations worldwide. These stakeholders include the titans and futurists of industry, academia, government and others from around the globe who have a stake in the arrival of this world of virtual organizations. The think tank also functions as a advisory body to the business and world leaders on the matters pertaining to the implementation of virtual organizations at local, regional and international level.


  • Prestigious Corporate Citizen Karmaveer Puraskaar award from ICONGO, New Delhi. Award selection by Mercer Consulting for outstanding contribution in the field of Corporate Excellence and administration.
  • Swamy Tamilpita Auttheenum national award for 2002 in the field of Management studies and research.
  • Best Finance Expert state level honour from Sahrudhya Balaga, Sagar
  • Bharatiya Rastriya Vocational Excellence Award 2007 in the field of Banking, administration and literary activities from Shree Laxmi Institute for Women and Rural Development.
  • Michael Madhusudan Award’ for youth activities and for promoting International peace. Understanding and rural development through economic schemes of the government and other international agencies.
  • ‘National Hind Rattan Award’ for 1994 from NRI welfare society of India for outstanding studies on NRI investments in India.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award’ from Management Studies Promotions Institute, New Delhi for excellence in finance and banking
  • National Magnam Honour Award for 2001 for social activities in respect of economic development of tribal people through initiatives of Micro Financing.
  • Nethaji National Youth Award for 1999 in the field of youth activities, rural youth promotion and empowerment by making contribution in the field of rural youth self-employment models.
  • Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial national award for 2007 for public policy administration and social welfare initiatives.
  • National Award for excellence from All India Freelance Journalists Association for 1999 for outstanding contribution in the field of journalism and public service.
  • Karnataka Basavashanthi Human Rights award for 2011 from State Human Rights Board for extensive study and contribution in the field of Human Rights.
  • Samaja Seva Bhushan National Award for 2005 from Subharam Trust, Bangalore for Social service
  • Karavali Clutural Foundation national literary award for 2006 from Karavali Samskruthika Prathistana, Kasaragod.
  • Knight Grand of the Royal Order of Royal House of Rajasethuramavarma.
  • Grand Knight of Eesha of Royal Kingdom of Eesha.
  • The Brainwave Memento of Goodwill Award for poetry and literary criticism for 2001.
  • Merit of excellence international award for contribution in research in stress management by Open International University for complementary medicine, Srilanka.
  • Best Citizen of India award for 1999 by International Publishing House, New Delhi.
  • Judging for 2014 International Business Awards of Stevie Awards, USA and presenting paper in the international seminar on business ethics and family business.
  • Bharat Excellence National Award and gold medal for 2009 by Friendship Forum of India, Delhi for contribution in the field of Economics and finance.
  • Secular India Harmony National Award – 2000 by United Children’s Movement, Delhi for outstanding contribution in the field of tribal children and youths.
  • Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2002 from IIFS, New Delhi in the international seminar on Economic growth and National International in Mumbai.
  • Vikas Rathna National Award for excellence in the field of Banking and finance from Surve Cultural and Education Academy Trust, Bangalore.
  • Diploma di Merito Gisvanni Campsi Ternto – 2002, Canada.
  • Stevieawards judging 2015 for Sales and customer services.
  • Corporate award for literature from the Corporation Bank, presented to the outstanding employee in arts, culture and literature.
  • Delegate General to India for Noble Dynasty of the Caputo Family Association, USA representing India.
  • International Globalman Award-2010 for Banking and finance presented in the 7th World Cultural convention at Singapore.
  • Distinguish Leadership Award’ from ABI, USA for excellence for management administration and proven leadership qualities.
  • Outstanding achievement Award in Banking and Finance awarded by Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi.
  • National Super Intellectual Award – 2000′ from all India Management council, Delhi for Excellence in Banking and Finance.
  • 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour award 1998 by SCI, USA.
  • “Merit of Excellence Award” from the open International University for complementary medicines, Srilanka for outstanding studies on stress management through Yoga.
  • B. R. Ambedkar Literary Award for outstanding contributions in the field of literature.
  • Govind Pai Memorial award for Literature.
  • Outstanding Research Award for presenting a paper in IBFR conference held in Costa Rica in 2001.
  • Outstanding performer award in Banking and finance instituted by Delhi Professional Association, Delhi.
  • International 20th century Award’ of achievement for the outstanding contribution in the field of management administration from IBC, U.K.
  • Best Banker National Award’ from AIPSBA, Delhi.
  • Outstanding Banker of the year 2001 by Indian Merchants Chamber. Mumbai.
  • International award for the best paper presented on “Economic Liberalization and Management of Rural Development organized by WHO Regional Seminar, Delhi.
  • Best Financial expert award from National Productivity Council of India, Delhi.
  • Banking Excellence Award from NASCOM in the field of IT enabled services in the field of Banking and finance.
  • Best Administrator Award from JNU, Delhi.
  • National Institute of Personnel Management Award for 1998 for
  • National award from National Institute of Bank Management for the best paper presented on “Internet Banking in India – Consumer Concerns and Bank Strategies”.
  • of India award for the best research paper on Inflation Targeting in practice; Models, forecasts and Hunches.
  • Grahak Mitra Corporate Award, from Corporation Bank, highest corporate award from the Bank for excellence and outstanding contribution in the field of customer service.
  • International Literary Award from Indian Muslim Association, Hongkong.
  • Honorary Citizenship of Aerican Empire (
  • Associated with several research studies of national and international importance which was sponsored by Govt. of India, National Institute of Bank Management, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, National HRD Network, National Institute of Personnel Management, Indian Society for training and development, Indian Institute of Management UTI, Quality Circle Association of India. The Securities and exchange board of India, National Productivity Council and other University and leading Institutions in India and abroad.









Professional Experience


Chief Finance Officer and President

Dr Krishna Life Sciences

Dr U Krishna Muniyal Memorial Trust (R)

Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences and Research Hospital, Manipal

(Jan. 2016 to present)


Responsible for accounting, finance, treasury, management information systems, asset/liability management, operations, human resources, product development and marketing, investor relations, risk management, facilities, mergers and acquisitions, taxes and strategic planning, customer relations. As CFO and member of the board of directors created and implemented a new aggressive finance, marketing and HR plans and process which helps for the sustained growth of the group institutions and company.


Financial Leadership:

  • Planned, directed, organized and synchronized the financial functions of the organization by applying financial/accounting principles.
  • Evaluated the organization’s fiscal performance and advised on the long term planning.
  • Has taken a key role as a strategic planner at the company’s short and long term planning sessions.
  • Analyzed financial reports, cash flow and budget to assist senior management executives in enhancing performance.

Selected Contributions:

  • Developed financial data/tools to provide accurate information to the CEO, the company’s board and the senior management team.
  • Made suggestions and assisted in cross company plans, selection of investment advisors and auditors for the firm.
  • Prepared and documented the monthly profit-loss statement to be presented before the board.
  • Monitored the cash flow in the firm to ensure the smooth flow of finances.
  • Supervised and guided the accounts operation to ensure the timely and accurate maintenance of accounts.
  • Coordinated proper and timely fulfillment of tax returns and various audits.


Deputy Vice President and Head, Axis Bank Ltd.,

 (August 2002 –  Jan 2016)


Work Outline: Corporate and Retail Banking, International Banking and Foreign Exchange, Project financing, System Improvement, Operations, Administration, Inspection, Risk Management, Financial Restructuring and Resource mobilization .HR and administration, compliance and audit, Treasury and Foreign exchange.


Select Responsibilities

  • Focus on franchise growth and Performance Management-to track the sales performance of the branch
  • Managing a large team of employees of the Bank.
  • Enhance profitability and customer satisfaction ratings and streamlining service delivery.
  • Ensuring achievement of Annual Consolidated Business Plan for the branch
  • Conducting demand forecasting for the branch with the help of current market trends & Identifying and networking resulting in deeper market penetration and reach.
  • Train & Certify Relationship Managers
  • Grow business transactions, assets under management and enhance banking services to clients to reduce attrition
  • Develop product launch strategies; implement post-launch strategies to sustain sales efforts and growth
  • Proactive team management and development
  • Coordinate with Service/ Product Evaluation team for redressals of Customer Claims & necessary feedback to product
  • Highest performance rating and excellence award for outstanding performance. Attended Inspired Leadership Training organized by Dale Carnegie Training India in 2011 sponsored by Axis Bank.


Corporation Bank, India

(September 1983 – August 2002) – Asst. General Manager


Work Outline: Retail and Corporate Banking, Investment Management group, Risk Management, Training, Operations, Human Resources, Quality Management and Branch Management, Strategic Financial Management, Financial derivatives and financial Restructuring. Agriculture and Industrial Financing, Board Secretariat, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Overseas Banking.


Select Responsibilities

  • During the tenure, directed a team and Training, directing and restructuring customer engagement model for sales & service staff
  • Effected process changes and control measures to ensure branches have clean Internal & External Audit
  • Corporate Banking, Treasury and International Banking.
  • Organized training program’s to executives and personnel working in Finance and Administration
  • Offered consultancy and advised employees on matters pertaining to Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Development and Operational Management Projects
  • Business Development and Resources Development (Including Product Development and Marketing Financial Products), Merchant Banking, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Credit Management, Taxation and Financial reporting functions, Project Management, Trade finance,
  • Won the highest corporate award of Grahak Mitra Award for excellence in customer Service and customer Relationship Management.
  • Won successive Star Performer Award and for over 6 consecutive years for outstanding contribution at my work.


Professional/ Educational Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (Banking/ Accountancy), from Mysore University (1983) with specialization in Banking and finance.
  • Associate Examination of Association of Secretaries and Managers, from Association of Secretaries and Managers, Calcutta, Govt. of India recognized company Secretary Qualification.
  • Bachelor Degree in Law from University of Mysore with Business Law, Company and Labour Laws as special electives.
  • Associate Examination of Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accounts, Canada Canadian Royal Charter qualification with international recognition.
  • Associate of Chartered Management Accountants (ACMA) of CIMA, UK, an international British qualification equivalent to AICWA of India.
  • Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.,) in Finance from Ballsbridge University (BU is legitimate and self regulating university duly registered and legally empowered under the statutory laws of commonwealth of Dominica)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.,) from WIDU, USA (WIDU is a recognized university with Royal Mandate by King of Belgium as recognized European University and having license by the French Government) in Business Administration.
  • Chartered Fellow in Business Administration from institute of Chartered Professionals, Commonwealth of Dominica. (Equivalent to post-graduate qualification)
  • Doctoral Fellow of the Institute of Professional Managers, U.K Doctoral Fellowship for the research study on “Corporate Governance – Applicability and relevance in the Indian Corporate World”.
  • Associate Examination of the Institute of Business Management. Graduate programme of Institute of Business Management (India).
  • Certified Anti Corruption Consultant from International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (Global qualification in forensic science) of USA.
  • Certified Forensic Investigation professionals from Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals, USA. (Global recognized qualification in forensic Science)
  • Fellow of World HR Board, the fellowship after completion of the following certification (a) Certified Psychometric Test Professional (b) Certified Recruitment Analyst (c) Certified Assessment Analyst (d) Certified Performance and competency Developer (f) Certified Organizational Development Analyst (g) Certified Trainer and Facilitator (g) Certified OD development (h) Certified Instructional Designer and (i) Certified Compensation and Benefit Manager. The certification from Clarton Advanced Management Institute, USA.
  • Fellow of International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals, USA.
  • Fellowship examination of Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, Nigeria.
  • Fellow of Institute of Certified General Accountants (CGA), Pakistan .CGA is a professional global accounting body imparting professional excellence in audit and accounts supporting International Accounting and Audit Standards (IAAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Certified examination in Financial and Management Accountants from the Society of Accounting Education, Pakistan leading for fellowship of the Society of Accounting Education, Pakstan.
  • Fellow of Institute of company and Commercial Accountants, Nigeria.
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Secretaries and Administrators (Incorporated association of company secretaries and administrators) London and qualified Certified Chartered Accountant by the institute.
  • Fellow of Guild of Industrial, Commercial and institutional accountants, Canada (FAICIA)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers, UK. The Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM), established in 1992, provides an organization for professional, financial managers. The IPFM set out to fill the niche market between the accountancy and treasury management professions.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Counselling and psychotherapy from Kuvempu University – 2005.
  • Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) from Academy of Universal Global Peace (Affiliated and Accredited to UNO and European Commission) for extensive study and contribution in the field of CSR, Corporate Governance and sustainability.
  • Advanced Diploma in Business English from Cambridge University, UK.
  • National Certificate Examination in Supervision of the National Productivity Council, India.
  • A (Human Resources & Industrial Relations), Alagappa University, Karaikudi, (2001).
  • Post – Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Development, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.
  • Post – Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Annamalai University.
  • Graduate diploma in Training & Development, Indian Society for Training & Development (1996).
  • Diploma in Labour Law, University of Madras.
  • Diploma in Export Marketing Management of Indian Institute of Export, Mumbai.
  • Diploma in Journalism, Mysore University (1984)
  • Fellow of Indian Management Academy, Ahmedabad.
  • Diploma in intellectual Property Laws from National Institute of Law, premier institute in India.
  • Diploma in United Nations and International Understanding of the Institute of UN Studies, New Delhi with World Bank and International Monetary Fund as special topic.
  • Hindi Pragya Examination, Department of Official Languages, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Govt. of India
  • Fellow and certified Customer Relationship Management, Institute of Customer Relationship Management, USA.
  • Diploma in Nature Cure, Gandhi Nature Cure Ashram.
  • Fellowship of Chartered Institute of Economists, USA.


The aforesaid fellowship awarded after successful completion of the qualified examination as a part of conferring fellowship.



Other Accomplishments


  • Advisory Board Member of American Heritage University of Southern Calafornia, USA.
  • Member of Board of studies and Academic Council of Manipal University (e-BBM in Banking and Finance), Department of Business Management, Manipal University.
  • 1st Vice President and Honorary Chief Finance Officer, Global Harmony Association, Russia. International organization founded at Russia to bring peace from harmony.
  • Fellow, World Mediation Organisation,Germany (
  • Fellow Saint Rene Descartes University, USA.
  • Honorary Registrar and Professor, Pebble Hills University, USA.
  • Honorary Visiting Professor of financial Management for post-graduate students of West Coast University, USA and International Academic Council Member.
  • Fellow and Academic Council member of Society of Accounting Education, Pakistan for India.
  • Honorary Chairman for Excellent wings, Microfinance Institution of Nigeria.
  • Member of International Academic Council of West Coast University, USA.
  • Fellow of Foundation for Global Humanity, USA.
  • Honorary Advisor for IGEWP global submit and presented paper on peace and ethics.
  • Fellow and representative for India, World Environmental organization.
  • Fellow, The Global Citizens Imitative
  • Fellow and Board Member for Quality Circle Association of India
  • Fellow and served three years as Executive Committee Member of Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi.
  • Fellow and Mentor, World Association for Online Education, Canada.
  • Fellow, American Society of Administrative Professionals, USA.
  • Associate Member, International Association of Internet professionals
  • Member of Review Board, Higher Education Forum,Thaiwan.HEF aims at the development and dissemination of higher education that has extended to all academic fields (
  • Member of Advisory Board for Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (
  • Fellow Member and Honorary Academic Reviewer for International Academy of Business and Economics, Russia.
  • Honorary Member of World Thinkers Panel on Sustainable Future Humankind (WTP-SFH)
  • Regional Correspondent and Board of Governors for World Movement of Yoga and Ayurveda, international organization creating aim of supporting knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda formed by Swamy Survyananda Saraswathi, Italy.
  • Regional Coordinator and Board of Governor for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka to the Universal Alliance International (A Movement of people of goodwill for unity and peace between all people), International Secretariat, Cornawall, UK.
  • Honorary Advisor and Fellow of Luban College of Social Sciences and Technology, West Africa (
  • Honorary Fellow and Adjunct Faculty of Unicaribbean Business School (
  • Honorary Advisor and Ambassador of creative projects and Global affairs for the Global Peace Centre, Australia.
  • Fellow Member, International Network to promote the Rule of Law
  • Associate Charter Member, International Society for Strategic Marketing
  • Research Committee Member, Center of Global Non-Killing, USA.
  • Fellow, The Network for Social Work Management, Los Angeles
  • Fellow Member, Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.
  • Associate Member, Talent Alliance Management.
  • Fellow, Global Spiritual Market Network.
  • Fellow, International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence, Australia.
  • Associate Member, Spiritual Science Research Foundation
  • Fellow, International Network for Education in Emergencies.
  • Fellow, the Global Community of Information Professionals.
  • Advisory Council Member, Global Think Tank Institute LLC
  • International Member/Board of Advisor for World Peace Organisation (
  • Member of Advisory Team Panel for Unified Brainz of India Award de Excelencia 2014-15
  • Honorary Citizenship of Byzantium Novum Empire.
  • Honorary Member for the Royal Queen Shebah III ARC of Nubia.
  • Fellow, Guide point Global (Research firm providing investors and business decision makers with on demand access to worldwide network of industry experts.
  • Fellow Global speakers Federation.
  • Honorary Member, Micro national Professional Registry, USA.
  • Member – Executive Council National HRD Network, New Delhi, India.
  • Honorary Fellow, United writers association, India.
  • Fellow of Indian Holistic Medical Academy, Chennai.
  • Research Board of Advisor for ABI, USA.
  • Honorary consul and Honorary Citizenship of Kingdom of Pictland.
  • Attended World Congress on Yoga in 1999 organized by Open International University of Complimentary Medicines, Srilanka.
  • Attended National Seminar on Holistic Medicine, Chennai in 2006 organized by Indian Holistic Medical Academy, Chennai.
  • Presented paper on Establishing Global Peace organized by Academy of Universal Global Peace, Chennai.
  • Scores of surveys and research paper presented to The Society for Capital Market Research and Development, New Delhi.
  • Presented paper on Prospects of Exports by Indian companies and challenges faced by them organized by Indian Institution of Export and Import Management Mumbai in 1993.
  • Men of Caravan tile and advisory Board of Interfaith Foundation India, New Delhi.
  • Member of Board of Studies for Bachelor Degree in Business Management (e-Banking and Finance) of Manipal University.
  • Member of Academic and Evaluation Committee for National Institute of Human Resources Development, Chennai (1990-95)
  • Member of Advisory Board of American Heritage University of Southern California.
  • Worked as Scholar Volunteer for UNICEF from 1990-1994 worked at gross-root level.
  • Executive Committee Member for National HRD Network, Bangalore Chapter for the period 1999-2004
  • Honorary Faculty and Mentor for Princely University, USA.
  • Attended the X World congress of poets as a special invitee representing India held at Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Attended World Poetry Day organized by World Poetry Society Intercontinental and received poetry Award for 1995.
  • Board of Advisor for Skylark International, Literary Journal, Aligarh for the period 1989-1995.
  • Sardar Vallabhabai Patel International Award from excellence in Banking, Finance and Administration from Sardar Vallabhabai Patel Foundation, Ahmedabad.
  • International Goodwill Love Ambassador of the Love Foundation (inspiring people to love for unity and brotherhood), USA.
  • Buddha Rathna National Award 2008 by Karnataka Janatha Sena Dal, Bangalore.
  • Sankaramana State Literary Award for 1997 by Sankaramana (Leading literary monthly journal), Bangalore.
  • Honorary State coordinator and advisor to Times Eye Research Foundation. Instrumental in mobilizing around 2500 eye donations with pledge declarations
  • Member World Commission of Environmental Law.









Papers / Publications/ Seminars


                Numerous papers on Banking, Human Resources, Training, Organizational effectiveness, Leadership and Planning, finance and other management topics widely published in India and abroad. Few of selected paper published and seminars attended mentioned below.


  • Transition, strategy and the evolution of Management Accounting practices the case of India.” Research seminars paper presented in the National conference organized by Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management.
  • Measuring Intellectual CapitalIntellectual Accounting Scoreboard” presented in the International Federation of Scholarly Association of Management (IFSAM), World Congress at Griffith University.
  • Accounting for leases by Lessees in India: Some evidences of economic impacts” published in international journal of account.
  • Globalization and Indian Accounting Standards” Research paper published in international journal.
  • “The emerging scene of Corporate reporting in India- some thoughts” published in the journal published by IBA journal.
  • “Opportunities and challenges as Consultants in Management and Financial services field” Seminar paper on International conference of ISOL, New Delhi.
  • “Practicing Strategic Cost Management in India: Some reflections”, Seminar paper presented organized by Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, Calcutta.
  • “Emerging Capital Markets and International Accounting Diversity: A case study” – Seminar paper presented in 4th Academic Conference on Innovations in Asian Management Association of Management Development institutions of south Asia, Colombo.
  • “Issuance of Global Depositary Receipts by Indian Companies: Characteristics of issuers and impact of issuance on corporate disclosure level” International seminars paper presented in the second biennial international accounting research conference of IMA, Ahmedabad.
  • “Human Dimensions in the information Age” international seminars paper presented at Delhi school of professional studies and research.
  • “Poverty issues and social science Research in India-An analytical framework” International seminar paper presented organized by BITS, Pilani.
  • “Managing environment of Small Scale Industries in Southern States-some key issues” National seminar paper organized by Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Delhi.
  • “Interest Rates and consumer choice in the residential mortgage Market-special reference to India” International seminar paper presented organized by Asian School of Management, Philippines.
  • “Internet Banking in India/ Consumer concerns and Bank strategies” article published in global journal of Business Research, USA.
  • “Risk Management-Emerging Opportunities for Professionals” Paper presented in the national seminar organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Mumbai.
  • “Privatization-A catalyst for Transfer of Technology” Paper presented in national seminars on Privatization of public enterprises – Prospects and Implications” organized by Dept. Of Management Studies, University of Jammu.
  • “Changing Correlations and Liquidity: Causes and Implications for Financial Institutions”, published by Commonwealth publishers.
  • A Theory of Bank Liquidity and Risk presentation of paper in the seminar of Indian Business School.
  • Paper Reviewer for International Academy of Business and Economics (
  • Creating of Corporate Social Responsibility through service leadership paper presented in the conference organized by Academy of Value Based Management.
  • Business transformation through spiritual leadership published by concept publishing.
  • The Human Factors in participative Management paper presented in national seminar organized by IGNOU, Delhi.
  • Significance of individual for organizational growth published by Discover Publishing.
  • Work Values and Cultures in Banking industry in India seminar paper presented organized by AIMA.
  • Seminar paper on Trade and Commerce in relation to social partnership organized by National Productivity Council, India.
  • Seminar paper on HRD new Challenges and emerging perspectives organized by Manipal University.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility as social and value strategy for Corporate, paper presented in regional conclave of Confederation of Indian Industries.
  • Need for conscience mechanisms for organization sustainable development published by Concept publishing House.
  • “Is State Ownership of Indian Banking System Desirable?”, presentation at NCAER, New Delhi – July 2011.
  • “Dynamics of Growth, Taxation and Sovereign Debt” published by APH publishing.
  • 2004 Global conference on Business Finance and Research, Costa Rica, Central America. Seminar on “Internet Banking in India – Consumer concerns and Bank strategies“.
  • Singapore Economic Review Conference 2003 at Singapore: Exploring Rural Marketing strategies for private Insurance players in India.
  • “Global Banking: Emerging challenges and opportunities”, National seminar organized by Dept. of Financial Studies, University of Delhi (1997).
  • “Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Credit Card Business in India” national seminar of Dept of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
  • Opportunities in Indian Equity Derivatives Markets”, National Seminar paper organized by Council of Chartered Financial Analysts, Delhi.
  • “Impact of Value Added Services on new and existing customer service providers” seminars paper presented at the international conference on technology oriented products and services jointly organized by Bangalore University and Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore.
  • “Global Banking: emerging Challenges and Opportunities Seminar paper presented in the international conference organized by Dept of Financial Studies, University of Delhi.
  • “The Adjustment to Stronger Capital Requirements”, Presentation at the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision’s Macroeconomic Assessment roundtable, June 2010.






  • Who’s Who of Indian Writers (Revised Edition) published by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi.
  • Who’s Who in India published by Janaparishad, Bhopal.
  • Who’s who in finance and industry published by Marquis Who’s Who, USA (33rd Edition of 2002)
  • Who’s Who in the world published by Marquis 19th Edition 2000.
  • International Leaders in Achievement for 1997 forth edition published by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge.
  • Rising personalities of India with Gold Medal of honour instituted and published by International Penguin Publishing House, Delhi.
  • Biographical reference of Honoured best personalities of India published by Friendship Forum of India.
  • International Director of Distinguished Leadership 2001 6th Edition of American Biographical Institute, USA.
  • Dictionary of International Biography, 27th Edition, International Biographical Centre, UK.
  • Who’s Who in the world 17th Edition published by Marquis Who’s Who, USA.
  • International Medal of Vision from American Biographical Institute, USA.



Personal Particulars


Date of Birth: 20th May 1962

Languages known: English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada

Well versed with Computer Applications, Writing, Participating in Debates & Elocutions

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